International Institute of Anthropology
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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29 S State Street #206                               Tel.: 801 363 3123
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Research Director: Lolita Nikolova, PhD (Resume)
Members of the board and officers: Margareth Strickland, Dean Collinwood,
Daniel Lin, Daniel Hitkov, Dr Mariana Pavlova and Maria Radkova, etc.

We are committed to academic, humanistic and professional study of human
past, to global culture and to most humanistic social relationships and cultural
interactions through in-depth research and shared  knowledge, active cultural
interactions and collaborations.
March 2007. Professor Jak Yakar - a guest
of the International Institute of Anthropology,
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Maria Radkova, Dr Marian Pavlova, Dr Lolita Nikolova
and Margaret Strickland at the
International Folk
Concert (20th Oct 2007, South Salt Lake City))
A session of Dr Lolita Nikolova and Marco Merlini at
the 13th Annual Meeting of the European
Association of Archaeologists, Zadar, 21st Sept