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Complied and edited by Lolita Nikolova, John Fritz and Jude Higgins. Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects 6-7.
2005. 137 p. Scholar articles on Balkan Prehistory: Vinca, Gumelnita and Cernavoda I cultures, Neolithic absolute
chronology, interpretation of Gradeshnitsa signs, the myth of universal patriarchy, social changes in later Balkan
Prehistory, the beginning of Bronze Age, Optimal foraging models, genealogy as anthropology, student research
projects. Contributions by Nenad Tasic, Stefan Chokhadzhiev, Alexander Chokhadzhiev, Igor Broyako, Igor Manzura,
Lionid Subbotin, Paolo Biagi, Michela Spataro, Stephen Shennan, Marco Merlini, Joan Marler, Jude Higgins, Lolita
Nikolova, Dragos Gheorghiu, etc. To order e-mail to

Material Evidence and Cultural Pattern in Prehistory
Compiled and edited by Lolita Nikolova. Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects 5. Salt Lake City and Karlovo.
2002.To order e-mail to
Other books by Lolita Nikolova, author and editor:
Early Bronze Age Pattern in the Balkans (ca.
3500-2000 BC, Calibrated Dates), edited by Lolita
Nikolova. Prehistory Foundation and Agato. Sofia.
Vols 1-3
Early Symbolic Systems for Communication in Southeast
Europe. Compiled and edited by Lolita Nikolova. BAR
International Series 1139.Oxford: BAR. 2003
(available from