Services We Provide
KinOwnGlobal is an online service  for contemporary or out-of-print digitized books, articles,
chapters, single pages or documents (history, art, genealogy, politics, anthropology, sociology,
etc.). You can browse in our database or can order an inquiry we to search for your for specific
titles or themes (for writing articles, books, dissertations, research projects). You can also offer
your contribution to our database as a donation or for a commission-based contract.
Free browsing of available on the site entries
Consulting how to gather the best literature on specific research
Gathering reference literature on specific research topic
Providing  expert level research on specific topic
Selling data for research, education, general interest or collections
Accepting donations for our database
Accepting commission-based contribution to our database
Publishing online database, research articles and books
Global Tutor service
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